Greetings, Banyan Family!

As we begin a new school year, we think to the future. What dreams do these new learners have? How much will they grow this year? When is lunch?

And we wonder how we can make learning fun – to really engage our learners. How can we make what we’re learning come to life?

Build a culture of sustainability.

There are so many benefits to live virtual field trips.

Here are just a few:
Immersive Cultural Experiences
How do you define culture?

“I could almost smell the arepas cooking. It felt like we were right there!”

Michael, Grade 2 Student

Expand the Scope of Learning
Where does nature meet industry?

“We are studying the UN Sustainable Development Goals and this was a great trip to supplement that.”

Wendy, Grade 8 Teacher

Create Global Equity
What have you never seen before?

“When we study Asian history, I’ve always wished we could travel to some of the countries. Now we can!”

Blake, Homeschool parent