Field Trips Live

Field Trips LIVE

Bring the world to your classroom with
virtual field trips

Teach Abroad

TEACH Abroad

See the world, teach with your heart

Curriculum Development

CURRICULUM Development

Culture ⋅ Language ⋅ Technology


for a


We connect people by creating unique global learning opportunities through online education and teaching abroad.

Professional Development


Tech-based PDs for modern teachers

CHANGING Education

for a CHANGING World

Banyan Global Learning relies on human connections to create positive educational outcomes.

Whether you teach abroad in person, or teach online using the latest innovative tech tools, we understand how education adapts to meet our students’ needs to optimize their success in a changing world.

OUR Mission

Banyan Global Learning’s mission is to prepare mindful global citizens to lead and succeed in a changing world by embracing the human elements of modern technology.

OUR Vision

Banyan Global Learning’s vision is that our students develop cultural, linguistic, and digital competencies in order to forge meaningful connections and are prepared for a changing future by providing them with the highest quality educators, curriculum and experiences –

no matter where they are in the world.

BEYOND Classroom Walls

Traditional classrooms operate within the limits of physical space. Expanding learning beyond a classroom can extend learning opportunities and outcomes. During school closures, interactive educational opportunities can create authentic connections.

The solution is to connect teachers and students who would otherwise never have access to one another. BGL’s online learning programs and support make learning possible even in the most uncertain times. Our teach abroad opportunities broaden perspectives of teachers and students alike.

ONLINE Learning Clubs

like school meets camp meets live TV

VIRTUAL Field Trips

to almost any location no matter where you are in the world

TRAINING & Consultation

to transition schools from the classroom to teaching online

JOB Opportunities

for online and teach abroad


ONLINE Learning Clubs

Enriching video activities to enhance the remote learning experience.



 To almost any location no matter where you are in the world

TITAC Method

Train teachers using our customizable method with curriculum adaptation and one-on-one teacher coaching.

OTHER Resources


MULTIMEDIA Curriculum Development


english tutoring

International Collaborations

WHO We Are

We are an innovative collective of teachers who collaborate with passionate and invested change-makers at districts and schools to push the boundaries of education. In 2008, we launched Classroom Live to reinvent what it means to be a classroom teacher. Immediately we saw what creative use of technology can do for student engagement and outcomes. Soon after, we expanded our suite of authentic educational experiences to include teach abroad services, curriculum development and professional development. Today, we tailor curriculum to your students’ needs to provide meaningful solutions responsive to our globally connected society. Your students receive 21st century skills that prepare them to live, work and succeed in the information age and beyond.

OUR Partners