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We inspire student growth for success in the information age by connecting them with the highest quality educators, curriculum, and experiences around the world. Through technology, we expand educational opportunities by removing limitations of physical location and access to resources.


To prepare students for a changing future by providing them with the highest quality educators, curriculum, and experiences no matter where they are in the world.


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Who We Are

We are an innovative collective of teachers who collaborate with passionate and invested change-makers at districts and schools to push the boundaries of education. In 2008, we launched Classroom Live to reinvent what it means to be a classroom teacher. Immediately we saw what creative use of technology can do for student engagement and outcomes. Soon we expanded our suite of authentic educational experiences to include teach abroad services, curriculum development and professional development. Today, we tailor curriculum to your students’ needs to provide meaningful solutions responsive to our globally connected society. Your students receive 21st century skills that prepare them to live, work and succeed in the information age and beyond.