New Zealand – Queenstown Culture

BGL does a fantastic job keeping kids of various ages engaged and learning all week long.
Anders, parent

Up to 100 participants via Zoom Webinar or one full class via standard video conferencing call.


Where on the map is Teacher Alana? Use critical thinking skills & context clues to complete the map activity while you adventure into beautiful Queenstown, New Zealand! Situated on the shores of Lake Wakatipu, this small city is known for its stunning landscapes and active lifestyle. Discover the history and culture of Queenstown while learning about the Maori native people of New Zealand and what makes this city’s culture unique. Hot spots include a historic boat museum, a view inside the lake with the world’s longest and oldest eel, a quirky ice cream shop, and a glimpse into the adventure sports capital of the world! Connect to a culture similar to but so very unlike our own.


Expectations & Goals:

  • The participants will listen for directional clues to uncover where Teacher Alana is located on a map of Queenstown.
  • The participant will engage in a check for understanding, taking part in an interactive quiz about the information learned throughout the trip.
  • The participant will develop an appreciation for the culture and natural beauty of Queenstown.
  • The participant will engage in a discussion to ask any questions they may have about New Zealand.


Required Materials: 



Optional Materials: 

Phone, tablet or computer


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