Life Down Under: Daily Life in Queenstown, New Zealand

BGL does a fantastic job keeping kids of various ages engaged and learning all week long.
Anders, parent

Up to 100 participants via Zoom Webinar or one full class via standard video conferencing call.


When it comes to using land in a sustainable and economical way, look no further than New Zealand. In this trip, we take students around the historic town of Queenstown to learn how locals live and how they have used their land to create a thriving tourism industry. From paragliding down mountains, to historic boats ferrying sheep across the country, students see beautiful landscapes of the southern hemisphere. Life and culture just feels slower here. How can we adopt some of this Kiwi mentality to enhance our own local communities? Join us and find out!


Expectations & Goals:

  • The participants will listen for directional clues to uncover where Teacher Alana is located on a map of Queenstown.
  • The participant will engage in a check for understanding, taking part in an interactive quiz about the information learned throughout the trip.
  • The participant will develop an appreciation for the culture and natural beauty of Queenstown.
  • The participant will engage in a discussion to ask any questions they may have about New Zealand.


Required Materials: 



Optional Materials: 

Phone, tablet or computer


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