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The three leading categories of programs

Custom Live Virtual Programs

Want a live virtual

program that you

don’t see?


We can bring it to life for you! Banyan specializes in designing exciting live learning experiences for all ages.


For example, when teachers at an elementary school dreamed of their students making marionettes after reading the children’s story Pax. We called in on an expert puppeteer who led the students through making a puppet while Banyan’s online teaching experts designed an engaging, interactive program.

My second and third graders were fully engaged with the live puppet show and it fit nicely into our SEL standards. 



Custom Live Virtual Program


Live Virtual Programs


Contact us to bring the world to your classroom through dazzling adventures around the world, explorations of SEL, and creative approaches to digital citizenship.

In Partnership with CILC

You can find all of Banyan Global Learning’s engaging live virtual programs on CILC* as well!


CILC connects learners to interactive programs.


Banyan is proud to carry CILC’s Pinnacle Award:


Each year, Content Providers from around the world are recognized for their ‘Programs of Distinction,’ and for receiving outstanding ratings on program evaluation by educators and activity directors. Content Providers, representing museums, science centers, art galleries, zoos, aquariums, musicians, and authors, as recipients of this annual award, stand out as demonstrating remarkable quality of educational content and exceptional skill at program delivery.”

*CILC: Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration