TITAC Method

Best Practices for Online Teaching

If you’re like most of us, your world has been suddenly turned upside down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As we follow safety guidelines like social distancing to flatten the curve of the virus, parents, teachers, and professionals from all fields are navigating how to use technology to learn, work and connect socially.

At Banyan Global Learning, we’ve spent over a decade designing and refining best practices for online teaching. We help instructors around the world:

  • Become effective and highly engaging teachers.
  • Create meaningful interaction with their students online.
  • Use technology to enhance the learning experience, allowing students to focus their mental energy on the content, not the technology.
  • Engage learners by enhancing the aesthetics of the lesson.
  • Facilitate collaboration between all stakeholders with open communication.

If you are a teacher or school administrator scrambling to get up to speed on teaching online, we have the resources you need to provide the best possible instruction to your students.

Everything on this web page teaches you how to transfer learning magic from your classroom to an online environment. Our proprietary TITAC training method has effectively transitioned classroom teachers to online environments and inspired essential refinement for veterans of online teaching.



The teacher is effective and highly engaging.



Meaningful interaction is central to lesson design.



The technology used is driven by learning goals and enhances the learning experience.



The aesthetics of the lesson engage the learners.



Open communication facilitates collaboration between all stakeholders.

METHOD Breakdown

Best Practices for Online Teaching

For teachers looking to recreate the magic from their classroom in an online setting, below is a breakdown of our TITAC training for best practices for online teaching.

Needs Assessment & Analysis

  • Scope of the training and personnel
  • Existing technology
  • General plan and schedule
  • Overview of curricula
  • Desired level of customization

How to Teach Using Video Conferencing

  • Maintain human connection
  • Flagship training protocol
  • Master five tenets of good teaching using IVC
  • Optimize one-on-one conference
  • Technology features inventory

How to Adapt Your Curriculum

  • Small group training
  • Basics of blended learning
  • Translate classroom protocols to online setting
  • Tech training
  • Apply to first week’s online curriculum


In addition to the TITAC model, BGL helps teachers become effective and engaging online instructors through:

Technology Coaching

Helping teachers who struggle with technology receive individualized training for operating desired tools

Individual Coaching

Reflection sessions build on our initial training.

Problem-solve and lead pointed discussions

Observations and Feedback

BGL joins live classes or views recorded classes for minute-to-minute feedback and will follow up with individual coaching sessions if desired.


Customizable virtual adventures to help bring your online curriculum to life

About Banyan Global Learning

Banyan Global Learning administers online learning programs including teacher training, curriculum development and program operations. We deliver educational opportunities that overcome the limitations of physical space to engage students both socially and academically.

We focus on fostering authentic human connections via video conferencing as a vehicle toward better student outcomes. We embrace the human elements of modern technology as we prepare mindful global citizens to lead and succeed in a changing world.

Our clients include elite schools, home school networks, museums and private companies. With over 10 years of experience using video conferencing, we were among the first to adapt this technology to education and remain leaders in the field.

OTHER Products

Our flagship product connects US-based teachers to K-12 students in Asia. We also offer virtual field trips, consulting, and other services to schools/institutions stateside. We are currently available to assist schools transitioning to online learning in the wake of coronavirus school closures:

  • Consulting: personalized solutions for schools integrating technology and transitioning to online learning
  • PD Live: professional development for teachers transitioning to an online environment
  • Field Trips Live: virtual field trips featuring unique locations, expert interviews and worksite visits
  • Classroom Live: a complete, daily school-based distance learning class teaching language, culture and technology