For the second year in a row, BGL is proud to receive the Pinnacle Award for Outstanding Programs from CILC. We received the award when our live virtual field trips received 100% positive reviews for the entire year.


Outstanding Live Virtual Programs

Glenn Morris, CILC Executive Director, lauds the coveted Pinnacle Award as “representing a consistent recognition by the CILC community for engaging learners across the globe. An honorable feat, the program evaluations by teachers for teachers helps to build a culture of collaboration and criticism, empowering teachers and inspiring learning.”

Live virtual field trips challenge students to think critically while creating authentic connections with unique people and places. Outstanding educators – including Jacquelin Fink, Courtney Dayhuff, Travis Moyer, Fifi Huang and Lauren Estella – curate content that is so captivating it’s easy to forget we’re learning remotely. Especially rewarding this year were our series of programs on digital citizenship and social and emotional learning which directly address the challenges of our time. The staff at Banyan are so very proud of the work we’ve done across America and around the globe. We are excited to add new field trips this year to Colombia and China!

CILC is the Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration. Their mission is to support, advance and enhance lifelong learning through the use of collaborative technologies and innovations.

“CILC places great value on its Content Providers, nearly 200 of the very best cultural organizations and talent from around the world. They make it all possible by connecting students to unique subject matter, artifacts, and experiences. Representing museums, science centers, art galleries, zoos, aquariums, musicians, authors, and more,  many of our providers play important roles in collecting and preserving histories and cultures and in helping to advance critical scientific research and innovation.”