Written by veteran online educator, Jackie Fink

Halloween is nothing to be afraid of.

The holiday season kicks off with Halloween. This time of year is one of great joy – time with family and friends, celebrations of traditions, and good food.

As mindful educators, we think about the perspectives of all of our learners, so we know that holidays are not as joyous for some. Halloween in particular can be an emotional trigger, and can make it downright unpleasant.

Halloween SEL Showcase

With this in mind, in October of 2020 I asked some colleagues to be silly on camera to bring some fun and laughter to the holiday for learners all over the world. What a showcase of our collective talents! 

The outcome was everything we could have wanted and more.

New Take on Classic Traditions

The Halloween showcase was family-friendly, with a non-spooky take on classic Halloween traditions. It allowed everyone to express their individuality and learn something fun from each of our talented teachers.

A few other ways to keep Halloween fun and safe for everyone:

2. Look to the moon.

The harvest moon is celebrated around the world, like in Taiwan with the Mid-Autumn Festival. Research the moon, create fantasy stories it, or even grill delicious moon inspired foods. Building traditions around the moon can help us process the changes that happen around the moon (no werewolves included).

1. Costume contest!


Costumes don’t have to be scary. Encourage funny, creative and inspiring costumes, by creating awards for things like: best irony, most realistic, or even most original!

3. Limit sugar intake.


You are what you eat! Adults included, a sugar splurge may be tempting. Have you considered how it will effect your mood? Decide early how much candy you should have.