Did you miss the live virtual field trip to Brazil?

Check out some highlights of our adventures in Itacaré, Brazil!

Our world continues to become more connected every day. By experiencing other cultures, we help develop globally-minded leaders for a sustainable future. Live virtual field trips connect learners to people and places all over the world, developing a sense of global connectedness.

Build a community of learners who respect the great diversity in our world. Built on the UN Sustainability Goals, Banyan’s live virtual field trips connect to nature, industry and food in a unique, up-close cultural experience.

Nature. Industry. Food.

Summary: Itacaré is a small surf and fishing town in Bahia, Brazil. Teacher Jill takes us on a tour of the main street in the town as we see evidence of a cultural history that includes Brazilian, Hawaiian, African, Rasta, Portuguese, Israeli and Japanese cultures. 

How do you define a cultural identity that is so very diverse? How is this idea connected to your own culture?

Let’s explore together!

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