by Seth Fleischauer

At Banyan Global Learning, we work to create positive change through our live virtual field trips. There is no better way to do this than through meaningful collaboration.


It was with these two ideas in mind that BGL’s founder, Seth Fleischauer, first began collaborating with K20 Innovate’s visionary founder, Vriti Saraf.


Vriti runs the largest educational Clubhouse in the world with over 50k members. That’s why when Twitter launched it’s own audio-only space – Twitter Spaces – they reached out to Vriti to run their first-ever conference.

Headliners to that conference included such educational heavyweights as Sal Khan of Khan Academy and Elizabeth Corcoran, founder of Edsurge.

Squeaking in there was our very own Seth Fleischauer, who collaborated with Komal Shah and Lauren Pinto on the topic of Bringing Consciousness to Education.

Now, Seth joins Vriti again as she launches K20 Innovates. Billed as an “NPR for education,” it’s an ecosystem of live shows by trusted educators on various topics in education, hosted by Twitter Spaces.


Seth, Komal and Lauren’s show will commence every fourth Thursday of the month at 5pm Pacific (add it to your Calendar here). They will discuss the practice of bringing consciousness to our own learning practices as a way to inform our educational lives and the lives of young learners.

The best part about this audio-only presentation format is the ability of audience members to contribute to the conversation. It’s a truly interactive experience built for the modern age even as the topic – consciousness – is as old as life itself.


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