Next Stop, Brazil!

You’re invited to a one-of-a-kind live virtual field trip experience in Itacaré, Brazil.



Join Banyan’s Brazil-based host, Teacher Jill!
12:00pm PT

Explore culture through local sculptures, street murals, and indigenous art.

Walk through examples of unique, colorful Brazilian architecture.

Sample fruit from carts at the beach that overlooks countless fishing boats on the horizon.

Summary: Itacaré is a small surf and fishing town in Bahia, Brazil. Teacher Jill takes us on a tour of the main street in the town as we see evidence of a cultural history that includes Brazilian, Hawaiian, African, Rasta, Portuguese, Israeli and Japanese cultures. How do you define a cultural identity that is so very diverse? How is this idea connected to your own culture?

Let’s explore together, meet new people,

and see just how different other places are from our own hometowns.