Learning Through Playing


We offer a variety of courses and activities for our kindergarten students. For all, we invite experienced and certified teachers to create an environment in which students can discuss topics and share stories to help improve their communication skills in a natural, fun-filled way. We also put emphasis on music and dancing. Dancing is known to improve students’ flexibility and coordination as well as raise their creativity and concentration, while in music students learn how to play instruments to train their listening skills and enhance their memory. Music is not just something the students learn about; it plays a vital role in children’s lives and is integrated in all classrooms throughout the learning day. With all these courses and activities, Xing Kong kindergarten students have the best education and training in a fun and engaging atmosphere.


Our school establishes a diverse learning environment for kindergarten students. It not only offers physical training, intellectual education, and language skills, but it also cultivates self–confidence, social etiquette and emotional management skills. All these skills help our students to respect each other and have more confidence in themselves. All faculty members of Xing Kong strive to provide our students with a happy and integrated learning experience. As a result, our students develop into well-balanced individuals in the future.