Why It Works

What is a live virtual field trip?

Live virtual field trips use video conferencing to connect your classroom in real time to new people, undiscovered places, and fresh ideas. We guarantee our trips bring excitement and help build community.


Live & interactive

Fresh perspective

Less work for teachers

Builds relationships

Creates new connections


Do it yourself

Watch a video

Banyan’s Live Virtual Programs

Our aim is to give all students access to engaging experiences in difficult to access curricula. Classes can purchase individual programs, or an entire five or six part learning experience.


Social & Emotional Learning

How do we teach children to identify and understand their emotions? Today’s world has introduced new kinds of stress into our children’s daily lives. Join us on this 6-part series to help students navigate their own emotions and increase their self-awareness, leading to good choices and positive behaviors inside and outside the classroom.


Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship skills are critical for the safety and success of our youngest learners online. These kiddos experience far more technology than we ever expected they would, but precious little programming exists to make digital citizenship content relevant to them.


World Culture

Ready to see the world, live, without leaving your classroom? Join us as we travel around the world to discover unique people and places, learning about other cultures and reflecting on our own local culture. We travel to multiple continents and talk with live teachers on location as they walk around their own cities showing us what makes them them!

Why It Works


Our lessons are personal, and student involvement is critical to our programs. We ask students to speak at the camera, type in the chat box, and interact in any way possible. If the students are curious out one particular topic, we pivot and meet them where they are at.

Multiple Hosts

Two teachers are better than one! Our programming uses multiple teachers, and even puppets, to create variety and engaging dialogue that keeps students on their toes.


We leverage technology to keep the lesson active and moving. Switching scenes, bringing in a special guest, playing videos, and using student devices are seamless in a virtual lesson. When we keep students on their toes, they stay engaged throughout the lesson.

Building Rapport

Your teachers know the importance of the first weeks of school. Building a connection sets the foundation for the rest of the year. We believe the same applies to virtual learning. Our teachers immediately establish rapport with students through a variety of interactive exercises. Authenticity and connecting with students sets the tone.

“Banyan takes emotionally difficult content and makes it easy and fun.”

– Grade 7 teacher, New York