Who We Are

Banyan’s Story

Our Mission

For over 15 years, Banyan’s original content has created authentic connections across the globe. Our work is heart-forward, highly interactive, and teaches crucial life skills.

We teach understanding and skills to find your place in the world.

We do this by connecting students to new people, undiscovered places, and fresh ideas.

We do this for K-12 schools and institutions who outsource content creation and delivery.

Meet Your Guides


Makes everyone feel like a star


Loves bringing puppets to life


Likes plants almost as much as people


Thinks science is magic

The Most Experienced Virtual Learning Program

Virtual learning is unlike in-person learning. Adults and children alike are tired of Zoom calls and virtual classes. But our experience in delivering virtual learning for over a decade has helped to create the most engaging learning and pedagogy in a live virtual class.

We understand that engagement is everything. Our virtual learning pedagogy keeps engagement front and center. This starts with authentic and engaging teachers who can connect with your students. They use a variety of technology tools to keep the experience active and ever changing. Students participate, move, ask questions and are part of the experience!

Leaders in Virtual Learning and Content Creation

Over 12 years ago, Banyan was launched serving Tsai Hsing elementary school, a K-8 school in Taipei, Taiwan. Our mission was to provide content based English instruction year-round to grades K-8. To do that, we established a K-4 in-person English language instruction class with its own curriculum, Bridges, taught by teachers from America. For grades 5-8, students entered the digital learning classroom with their iPads, to be taught virtually four days a week. We call this curriculum Learning Live. Since we started, we have served over 10,000 students.

Now we are excited to deliver part of our Learning Live curriculum to audiences around the world!

See our careers page if you are interested in joining our team!