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Social & Emotional


Social & Emotional Learning

These skills are the foundation of all other learning, but many students are hesitant to discuss their feelings. Music is used as an access point to discussion emotions by dynamic educator/performers. Learners practice empathy, consider the relationship between their thoughts, feelings and actions, and apply SEL skills to real-world “homework” assignments.


Social & Emotional Learning Programs


Discover Empathy Through Music

Students will discuss empathy and consider a good friend of theirs, take their perspective and imagine a song that represents their current emotional state.


Optimism & Good Choices

This lesson focuses on identifying the feelings of ourselves and of others, making good choices and developing optimism. Students will use the zones of regulation as a framework for identifying emotions within ourselves and in others.


Anti-racism workshop

Acknowledging that these conversations can be difficult and sensitive, BGL will provide a safe, supportive space for children to learn and talk about racism.

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