Jacquelin Fink

Academic Manager of Junior High Learning Live, Distance Learning Teacher


Banyan provides an environment that cultivates authenticity, support and global thinking. It is a great feeling pouring my love for teaching into a community of learners that are our future change-makers.

Maddie attended the University of St. Thomas to earn an MA in Education and Communications. She serves as a leader in the space of digital learning technology, equity and inclusion and differentiated instruction throughout the Twin Cities. She is presenter at the Personalized Learning Summit as well as the Minnesota Alliance for Geographic Education’s annual GeoFest. She has experience working with adult learners in higher education and as a teacher in K-12 classrooms.

Maddie joined Banyan in 2021 as a junior high distance learning teacher and academic manager in Banyan’s Learning Live program. Her goal is to provide a classroom environment full of innovation, differentiation and critical thinking.

Being a mom and spending time with her daughter and husband are Maddie’s favorite ways to spend free time. In addition to that, she love to bake French Macarons, travel the world and read as much as she can!

Maddie currently sits on the board for the Nonprofit GEEO, which supports the travel and exploration of the world for teachers. Girl Power Africa is another organization Maddie works closely with. GPA supports educational opportunities for women and children in Liberia.