Jacquelin Fink

Virtual Program Teacher,   Administrator

“I love how innovative Banyan is. Whenever the team is faced with problems, we usually solve them quickly and efficiently due to how creative we all are.”

Lila attended The American Musical Dramatic Academy in Los Angeles, California, earning a B.A. Lila is an actress, activist and model. She has over 6 years of volunteering as a student teacher under her belt.

Lila joined Banyan in 2020 as a kindergarten distance learning teacher. She was also a co-host of Banyan’s after-school Student Activism Club, helping young learners make sense of current events.

Lila is now on board with Banyan’s engaging Digital Citizenship series for young learners. Through this, Lila has become one of Banyan’s specially trained puppeteers, and is available to support these fun programs. She also supports administrative tasks, content development and creation, and teaching when more hands are needed.

Lila likes to practice yoga, salsa dance and get lost on YouTube!