Kris Woolen

Virtual Program Puppeteer


Reaching out through the screen is a dream come true.

Kris is a puppetry specialist with a passion for deep feelings and puppets. She has spent her life entertaining. Her teaching goal is to get her audience to laugh together. Kris has been working in education since 1988.

Kris graduated from East West College of the Healing Arts as a Licensed Massage Therapist. She also has a BS in General Studies Social Science Option from Portland State University.

Kris joined Banyan in 2019 as a puppetry specialist, offering an SEL program called Bird That Wants to Fly. Kris and her special puppets have been an important part of other SEL programs that teach children the magic of puppet making and puppetry.

Kris works with other puppetry groups, like Pacific Puppetry and Puppeteers of America, who “build a community of people who celebrate puppet theatre.”

Kris likes to sing, dance and roam woods near lakes in Oregon.