Who We Are


Curriculum Developer & Utility Player

Jimmy Heberling has been a video editor for 12+ years, piggybacking off his love for music. He started his pursuit of multiple instruments before he hit double digits, culminating in a degree in guitar performance from Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, CA in 2008. Among his favorite outlets is playing funky, dance music, which he’s performed while leading bands across the U.S., Europe, the Middle East, and China. He has over 15 years of experience producing and engineering in several studios, including two of his own in North Hollywood and Portland, OR. He also transcribes sheet music, runs live sound, teaches guitar/bass/drums, books his corporate/wedding music band, and is a sought-after tumbling coach for teens and adults in gymnastics and martial arts. Having devoted much of his early life to gymnastics, Jimmy uses his expertise for a unique performance in music videos and on stage. Aside from work, he enjoys reading non-fiction, playing ping pong, and is training for his next amateur kickboxing match.