Professional Development

Train your teachers to teach online during school closures.

Get ahead of the game by lining up training events now. Emergency closures never provide much lead time.


  • Needs assessment and analysis
  • How to teach over video conferencing (TITAC)
  • How to adapt your curriculum
  • Online support
  • Technology coaching
  • Individual coaching
  • Observations and feedback
  • Distance learning and virtual field trips

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“A well-thought out, rehearsed and versatile PD that provided the teachers with some great ideas and concepts towards breaking that metaphorical ice in each new classroom.”

“Most PD is boring. This was not.”

“I love that they provided me with information that was relevant to my classroom.”

“With the variety of information and methods shared from within the kindergarten team during the professional development session, I feel more than comfortable and prepared for my first days of school next week.”

“As an incoming, first year teacher, it was extremely resourceful and beneficial to have direct instruction – a very welcoming professional development session.”