Travel to Brazil – Main Street – Live Virtual Field Trip

It felt like we were really there! This truly brought a new perspective on Brazilian culture – and our own. Now we’re curious what else we can explore.

English Teacher, Junior High School

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Tuesday, September 21st at 12pm PT

Summary: Itacaré is a small surf and fishing town in Bahia, Brazil. Teacher Jill takes us on a tour of the main street in the town as we see evidence of a cultural history that includes Brazilian, Hawaiian, African, Rasta, Portuguese, Israeli and Japanese cultures. How do you define a cultural identity that is so very diverse? How is this idea connected to your own culture?

Up to 100 participants via Zoom Webinar or one full class via standard video conferencing call.

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Program Details

  • Begin by visiting the home of Teacher Jill, an American expatriate living in Brazil with her Brazilian partner and sons.
  • See the differences and similarities in everyday life as you tour this authentic home.
  • Travel a few blocks outside Teacher Jill’s home to explore the downtown area. Here you’ll see food, shops and people that represent the diverse cultural history of Itacaré.
  • Discuss the term “culture.” What examples of culture do you see in Itacaré?
  • How is the culture similar to yours? How is it different?


  1. Participants will identify and categorize the four cultural elements presented during the field trip.
  2. Participants will compare their own culture to that shown in Itacaré.
  3. Participants will think critically to identify cultures that have influenced their own cultural identity.

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