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Taipei, Taiwan: Elephant Mountain Adventure


This program is one class period (flexible).  
*Availability for live field trip based on daylight hours of Taipei Standard Time (UTC)


Up to 100 participants via Zoom Webinar. Sign up today to save your spot!


Online explorers help Teacher Nate navigate the subtropical terrain with new survival skills they learn about food, water and navigation.



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Program Details

– This program begins with an interactive tour at the top of a mountain in Taipei, Taiwan.
– As we follow Teacher Nate down the mountain side, participants identify plants and insects Teacher Nate could eat to survive.
– Using the natural environment, students develop a way for Teacher Nate to find water.
– Finally students use some basic navigation skills to help Teacher Nate find his way off the mountain so he can get to the tallest building in Taiwan, Taipei 101.


– Participants will identify edible plants and insects.

– Participants will develop ways to use natural items in the environment to collect water.

– Participants will apply basic navigation skills.