Student Activism Club – Mondays

BGL really has distance learning figured out.

Maianna, Age 9


This student-centered club is designed for kids who feel passionate about social and societal issues. Each club member chooses an issue to focus on; week by week, students do work with their club members to create positive, incremental change.

Grounded in social and emotional learning, Student Activism Club provides a safe space for children and teens to explore challenging issues while empowering them to take action.

During this 8-week club starting 1/11/21, students will pay particular attention to the Inauguration and surrounding events and to Black History Month, Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year.


Hosted by Teacher Jackie and Teacher Lila.

Teacher Jackie has 18 years of experience in online education in grades K-8. She is grateful to combine her love of education with her passion for activism to host the Student Activism Club.

Teacher Lila is activist and youth leader. She supports the efforts of children to make a difference in the world.

BGL is very selective in hiring staff. All of our instructors have extensive experience working with children, and most are state-certified teachers with extensive expertise in distance learning.

We use Zoom Webinar to connect with the waiting room function turned on to prevent any unregistered guests from entering. Sessions will be recorded but for internal use only.