Roleplaying Club – Fridays

BGL really has distance learning figured out.

Maianna, Age 9

If we do this right, it shouldn’t feel like a class at all.


We all know that learning is fun, but most of our classes, and the way that school works, can  suck the joy right out of it. (Sad, but true…)


So how do we get back to a place where learning actually feels good?


We think the way to do that is to hand you the keys to the castle.

In this club, you’ll write your own story. We’ll work with you to create the super hero version of you, and you’ll meet others like you. Getting to know them, yourself, and maybe saving the world along the way…


Long story short: it’s kind of like Dungeons & Dragons, but better.

If you jump into our club, you’ll be called on to listen, engage, and focus intently for 90 minutes at a time. It will be on a story, which is the most natural thing for our attention to engage with, but it will still be work.


And you will get better at it.


You’ll pretend to be a superhero, with short term and long term goals. You’ll lead a team, collaborate with your peers, negotiate with your enemies, discover your identity, and support your friends when the going gets tough.

Because when you pretend to practice social skills, you are practicing social skills.


Summary: The aim of this club is to develop competencies to facilitate, lead, and support groups with empathy, tact, and joy. Emphasis will be placed on the establishment of a culture of safety & consent in creative/artistic environments, as social/performance skills are developed through narrative-based, lived experiences. Members of this club, create a fictional world and embody its inhabitants. Drawing on inspiration and guidance from existing literature in the tabletop roleplaying form, as well as tried and true theatrical practices and techniques, this creation will be used to improvise collaborative storytelling, synthesizing, demonstrating, and reinforcing this course’s key competencies.


Clubs meet weekly for 90 minutes. Sign up for the whole month for discounted pricing.


Required equipment & materials: 

  • Physical Journal (dedicated to this course) & Something to write with
  • Zoom Account (starting week 1)
  • Discord Account (starting week 5)
  • A really cool hat (or other accessory) → Don’t wear it yet!!!



Hi there 👋🏻


Does this sound exciting to you? Are you interested?


If you haven’t already guessed, we play tabletop roleplaying games in this club. They are kind of like Dungeons & Dragons, but have less math and more storytelling. The game we’re playing right now is called Masks: A New Generation. It’s super (hehe) cool. …


The only thing you need to know now is that, in our club, we care more about the people than the stories that we’re telling together. 


That means that sometimes we might have to change the story in order to make people feel comfortable. (It also means that if YOU are ever feeling uncomfortable, and you let me know, then I’ll change the story. Promise.)


If you’re interested, there’s a button at the bottom of this page that you can press for more info...






P.S. My contact info is there too, if you have any questions. 🙂


For Parents


Hello there,


This is a short section about me because A) talking about myself? Yes. and B) You probably want to know a little bit about the person who will be teaching your kid. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Ok, so there are three things you should know about me: I love my pets, I love my partner, and I love cooking. 👨🏻‍🍳


We live in LA, but I’m originally from South Shore Massachusetts. (Sorry, I like the Patriots. Let’s get that out of the way now.)


Since 2013, I’ve taught public speaking and drama to high school and college students across the country. I’ve served as full-time English faculty at a public high school, and specialize in developing enrichment programs for theater and gaming. My teaching philosophy, for those who are interested, is to engage students on their terms, rather than on the school’s.


When I’m not teaching, I’m producing improvisational radio shows with artists from around the world. ✨🎭



  • Teaching Licensure, Theater, All levels, MA DoE
  • BA Theater Education: Acting, Emerson College
  • MBA & MFA Theater Management, CSU: Long Beach


Would be happy to chat! 👋🏻

(Here are some ways that we can:)


Social: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn 






Class Template


What to expect when you log on...


Greetings. We’ll talk over voice chat as everyone joins our “room.” If you want to turn your video on for class, you totally can, but it is not required.


Check-in. Once everyone is logged in, I’ll give everyone a weird prompt like “What is a boring fact about you?” or “Introduce yourself in the shyest way possible.” or “Tell us about something cool that you did today but as sad as you can about it.” You can answer it however you like. (This helps everyone to get to know who they are going to be playing with.)


Warm-up. You’ll put on your cool hat, or other accessory, and become your superhero alter ego. I’ll give you another prompt, but this time when you answer, you’re not you, you’re super you.


Play. (Let’s be honest, this is why we’re here.) We’ll actually play the game.


Check-out. A little bit before class is over, we’ll stop playing (probably at a dramatic moment 🤷🏻‍♂️) and we’ll talk about how it went. Usually people are pretty excited to think back on big moments that happened, and to let each other know how cool they were.


That’s it! When we’re not playing, there will be a group chat where you can talk to other people in the club (and message me privately, if you need anything).


Enjoy! 🙂


BGL is very selective in hiring staff. All of our instructors have extensive experience working with children, and most are state-certified teachers with extensive expertise in distance learning.

We use Zoom Webinar to connect with the waiting room function turned on to prevent any unregistered guests from entering. Sessions will be recorded but for internal use only.