Photography Club

BGL does a fantastic job keeping kids of various ages engaged and learning.

Anders, parent

Summary: An interactive photography course to explore the basics of lighting, angles, composition, and the emotions they help bring to life in a photo. In this course, students will also develop new skills under the guidance of a professional photographer.

Clubs meet weekly for one hour. Sign up for the whole month for discounted pricing. Day passes also available.

Scholarships are available to students who qualify for reduced and free-lunch.


After you book, BGL will contact you to select your day.


Club Overview

Week 1 - Inspiration, Goals & Moods

Week 2 - Lighting & Emotions

Week 3 -  Angles & Emotions

Week 4 - Emotional Response to Photos

Week 5 - Art Show


Required equipment & materials: 

  • Camera or device with camera


Daily overview:

  • 90 minutes on Wednesdays starting at 11am PACIFIC
  • virtual field trip or lesson with thematically-connected art
  • social opportunities for children
  • include opt-in live video participation


Learn from published photographer Kellen Omaha Sprew.

Bio:  Kellen is a self trained photographer and director, who has always had an immense love for art. As a kid he gravitated towards painting, sketching, and really any other . Always doodling in any margin available, or to the behest of his parents on himself.  He has worked in cities across America, with musicians, Designer fashion brands, and many other types of artists. 


BGL is very selective in hiring staff. All of our instructors have extensive experience working with children, and most are state-certified teachers with extensive expertise in distance learning.

We use Zoom Webinar to connect with the waiting room function turned on to prevent any unregistered guests from entering. Sessions will be recorded but for internal use only.