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Past, Present and Future: The Founding and Evolution of Los Angeles


Global culture is ever-changing. We look no further than our own backyards to witness this change in action. In this trip, we stay in America and visit the historic center of Los Angeles – Olvera Street. Where we are today is a direct consequence of where we came from. We learn about early American history and Mexican-American culture by exploring the customs and people who settled a tiny village that became a global cultural powerhouse. This historic street looks the same as it did over 100 years ago, selling clothes and delicacies originating from Mexico. How has the history of your own city affected its culture today?
This event is one class period (flexible).

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Program Details

  1. 1. Program begins in front of the church mural whose name gave us “Los Angeles”.
    2. Travel the Olvera Plaza to meet the King who founded the city, the names of the first 37 residents, and even the land where many are still buried today.
    3. Stop at a section of the Berlin wall to discuss how immigration, and freedom, today has its roots in early Los Angeles
    4. Walk from one end of the famous Olvera Plaza to the other, stopping at various shops, historical homes, and murals to learn about early Mexican-American and modern Chicano culture.
    5. Watch pre-recorded video of Teacher Travis at various food trucks around the city to learn about popular mexican food in Los Angeles.
    6. End with Teacher eating at the restaurant that created the first taco!


  • Participants will understand the diversity of Los Angeles
    Participants will compare Olvera with their own city
    Participants will learn about the rich history of Latiné Americans