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Culture & History of Los Angeles: Little Tokyo


This event is one class period (flexible).

Up to 100 participants via Zoom Webinar. Sign up today to save your spot!


Explore Japanese-American culture and history by visiting the historic Little Tokyo neighborhood in DTLA. Learn about the founders of the neighborhood, struggles through World War II, and the post-war cultural boom. Walk live with a teacher to experience shopping, history and culture in this unique LA neighborhood!




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Program Details

  1. Program begins in front of Japanese American museum. Teacher introduces history of location and shares historical photographs.
  2. Next, teacher shows the 2nd oldest Buddhist temple in the city and identifies Japanese themed cultural artifacts.
  3. Pre-recorded video at the Japanese American museum highlighting early Japanese-American culture.
  4. Interview local community leader whose family has owned the oldest sweets shop in Los Angeles for over 100 years.
  5. Walk through Little Tokyo plaza, visit shops, and even read traditional haikus together.
  6. Wrap program at wishing tree, make a wish together!


  • Participants will understand the diversity of Los Angeles
  • Participants will compare Little Tokyo with their own city
  • Participants will learn about the rich history of Japanese Americans and write their own haiku