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Hollywood Blvd: Walk Of Fame


This event is done in three 40-minute periods.

Up to 100 participants via Zoom Webinar. Sign up today to save your spot!

Learners have been hired as the lead photographer for LA Travel Magazine and have been asked to take photos of the most amazing parts of Hollywood Blvd for a fancy brochure. Their task is to take the best photos that they can throughout the virtual field trip. Get ready for the lights, cameras and action!



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Program Details

  1. Take a stroll down the Hollywood Walk of Fame
  2. Observe the exciting world of Hollywood Boulevard
  3. Interact with characters on the street
  4. Take photos (screenshots) during the tour
  5. Share photos on Padlet
  6. Class vote on the best photos for the LA Travel Magazine


  • Learners will identify the location of Hollywood Blvd and various attractions there.
  • Learners will ask thoughtful questions to various people on the street.¬†
  • Learners will take and share photos of the virtual field trip.


DLA 3 – Speaking loudly and clearly so that students and DL teacher can hear easily


SL 7.1 – Pose questions that elicit elaboration and respond to others’ questions and comments with relevant observations and ideas that bring the discussion back on topic as needed.