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Global Citizenship: The Complete Series


Being a global citizen means understanding and engaging in the world around you. In this 5-part series, Banyan takes your students on a global journey to become better citizens of the world. We will visit three different contents and explore humans relationship to the land. We compare culture and daily life by talking to people around the world. We learn more about our own unique history and how that has shaped our present and potential future. You don’t need to leave your classroom to journey around the world. Join us as we all strive to become better citizens of planet Earth.

This series includes five live trips from the Global Citizenship Series:

Lesson 1: Late Night Treasures of Taiwan
Lesson 2: The Secrets of the California Coast
Lesson 3: The Life and People of Colombia
Lesson 4: Life Down Under: Daily Life in Queenstown, New Zealand
Lesson 5: Past, Present and Future: The Founding and Evolution of Los Angeles
This program can stand alone or be taught as a series in up to five parts. Schools can deliver the series to the same classrooms or provide each grade level with one episode. Contact us for more details. We always try to meet the needs of each classroom.


Length: 1 class period per lesson (flexible)

Target Audience: grades K-8


Up to 100 participants via Zoom Webinar or one full class via standard video conferencing call.


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Program Details

This program is taught by an experience online educator, accompanied by a few puppet friends. The participation flows naturally between educators and learners through active discussion.


  1. Meet and Greet
  2. Problem of the Day: inquiry & discovery of digital citizenship
  3. Activity 1: What is digital citizenship?
  4. Zones of Regulation
  5. Activity 2: digital citizenship & feelings
  6. Solution of the Day: good digital citizenship


  1. Acknowledge self as a digital citizen.
  2. List three characteristics of a good digital citizen.
  3. Determine zone of regulation by color.
  4. Identify feelings related to technology and digital citizenship.