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Digital Citizenship: Smart & Safe on the Internet 6/24 @ 2pm ET/11am PT


This one-of-a-kind virtual program begins at 11am PT. Want to join us, but this time doesn’t work for you? Contact programs@banyangloballearning.com to arrange a time to bring this program to your young learners.

Up to 100 participants via Zoom Webinar. Sign up today to save your spot!

The characters from planet Digitopolis haven’t been citizens of Earth for long, so they’re not sure how things work, especially technology. They make a lot of mistakes. They ask their teacher and friends for help!


Lesson 1 – Smart & Safe on the Internet

Raz was so worried when he saw a message that his computer has a virus that he clicked on the link to fix it. But it made the problem much worse. Learners help Raz understand what’s safe to click on the internet, and other ways to stay safe online.



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Program Details

Each lesson is a dynamic problem-solving adventure. Puppet friends demonstrate real-world scenarios that young learners encounter with technology. As the learners help their puppet friends, they gain valuable skills and knowledge about how to be a good digital citizen.


Learners will:

  1. Demonstrate empathy for others.
  2. Sort safe and unsafe internet behavior.
  3. Develop phrases to ask for help.