“This is exactly what I was looking for! Digital citizenship felt like a challenging topic for first graders, but I never imagined it could be so fun!”

Grade 1 Teacher, Palm Beach, FL

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Digital Citizenship for Grade 8: The Complete Series


This three-part Digital Citizenship series for 8th graders in a fun, engaging and interactive way to bring Digital Citizenship into your classroom. Whether you already incorporate curriculum or do not have any, our teachers adapt this series to fit your needs. In this Digital Citizenship Series, students will learn how to safely and responsibly navigate the many aspects of the Internet. Each program can be given on its own, but they each work together, along with our programs for grades 5-8 to meet critical learning objectives on this topic.
This series includes all three episodes of the Digital Citizenship Series:
Episode 1: The Internet and You
This lesson focuses the health impact the internet can have, as well as effective privacy actions you can take to stay safe such as VPNs and other settings.
Episode 2: Taking a Digital Stand
This lesson focuses on combating hate speech, and learning how advertisement algorithms work to target individuals.
Episode 3: Digital Futures
This lesson focuses on future internet-related careers, as well as preparing for high school digital citizenship.
Schools can deliver the series to the same classrooms or provide each grade level with one episode. Contact us for more details. We always try to meet the needs of each classroom.


Length: 1 class period per lesson (flexible)

Target Audience: Grade 7


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