Crazy Horse Memorial, South Dakota – 2:30pm PT

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Wednesday, November 18 from 2:30-3:15pm Pacific / 5:30-6:15pm Eastern

Summary: Join Teacher Sarah while she visits the Crazy Horse memorial in South Dakota. At the site, the Lakota Indian tribe is building mountain a monument to Crazy Horse – one many times larger than Mt. Rushmore! Join her live as she explores the museum focusing on the Native American perspective and experience. She will speak with Native American guides and explore artifacts.

Expectations and goals:

  • Students will compare Native American perspectives to early American settlers through art and artifacts.
  • Students will compare and contrast their own homes, art and tools to those of the Lakota tribe.
  • Before the trip, students will view Native American dance and identify its influences in modern music.

About the Crazy Horse Memorial:


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