Character Education Series for High School – Emotions, Goals and Interpersonal Skills


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Over the course of this 5-lesson series, students will engage in deep and personal conversations about their own emotions, goal setting, and interpersonal relationships. The goal of this series is to encourage building community in, and beyond, the school walls. This series is student-centered, focusing on multiple interactive student activities in each lesson, as well as thought provoking activities that can be done outside of class to foster understand and community.

This series, designed specifically for a high school audience, is built around authentic conversations between students and their Banyan instructors. Each lesson’s activities build on each other as students build community with each other, their school and beyond.

Whether your school incorporates character education skills or not, this series will help build essential skills that last a lifetime. It is a unique experience that will leave its mark long after the series is complete.

This series includes the following live lessons:

  1. Expressing Care
  2. Challenging Growth
  3. Providing Support
  4. Sharing Power
  5. Expanding Possibilities


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