Anything Can Be a Puppet

BGL does a fantastic job keeping kids of various ages engaged and learning all week long.
Anders, parent

Up to 100 participants via Zoom Webinar or one full class via standard video conferencing call.

Puppets are vehicles for personal expression. The great part is, anything can be a puppet! Join professional puppeteer Kris Bluett-Woolen of Pacific Puppetry Institute in her puppet lab to explore the art of bringing a puppet to life. Students will learn the basics of puppetry (entrance, focus, breath, gesture, and exist), learn about some simple DIY puppet-making, and explore the use of puppetry to express our emotional intelligence This unique online learning experience is based on the SEL zones of regulation model from Leah Kuypers, MA.Ed. Combining expression through puppetry with emotional regulation, children are empowered to live their best lives.


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