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Field Trips Live are BGL’s virtual field trips that redefine what it means to be in a classroom. Choose from one of the options below or request a custom field trip to anywhere in Los Angeles, Portland (OR), Dallas, or Raleigh-Durham (NC).

Praise for field trips live

“The students were 100% engaged through the entire lesson! I loved that the students were able to connect to multiple speakers in different parts of the world! The program was current, relevant, integrated technology, and very engaging.”  – High School Teacher, Kentucky

Aquatic habitats

Aquatic Habitats is a fun, engaging, interactive field trip that allows students to help their new friend Tahoe (the turtle) choose her next home. Tahoe needs help deciding between the beautiful and exotic tide pools of sun-filled California and the lush and rain fueled lakes of Portland, Oregon. Students consider the habitat and its essential offerings to determine where Tahoe needs to be. 

Olvera Street & Little Tokyo (Los Angeles)

Your host is writing a persuasive essay about preserving cultures in America. Come join her as she explores Alvera Street and Little Tokyo in Los Angeles, looking for evidence. These two areas are brimming with culture and well represent the effort of people who successfully assimilated to a new land and culture while preserving their own unique culture within the new city. See and experience the strong impact that they and their culture had on the development of vibrant Los Angeles. What do you think your host should include in her essay?

La Brea Tar Pits

What lies beneath the dark surface? Wooly mammoths or their prey? Help us travel in time back in time to the Ice Ages to find Wally the Wooly’s way home. The Ice Ages hold the secrets that we will discover together as we explore the science of the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles. Using the science of today, we extract the secrets of the past in these fossil producing death traps. During our exciting program, students will tour the grounds of the most famous fossil site on earth and learn about some of the magnificent beasts that were excavated from the Tar Pits – right in the middle of bustling Los Angeles – and of course, they will (hopefully) be able to help Wally find his way back home, to the Ice Ages.

Taiwan Night Market

Come explore the Taiwanese Night Market with your host. The market is brimming with foods, fashions, vendors, games, and music. There is so much to see but your host has a problem! She only has 45 minutes to select awesome souvenir gifts to take home to America, choose her own delicious dinner, and find her way out of the huge market in time to catch her plane! Join her in Taipei after dark, to wander the market and interact with vendors and locals. These night markets are teeming with locals and tourists alike, who want to experience all that is Taiwanese. Come see why! 

Los angeles to mexico city live!

Students assist Tiffany as she decides whether to take a new job in Los Angeles. Tiffany shows them what transportation, lodging, and food shopping looks like in Mexico City as she walks with them on a tour of her neighborhood. Meanwhile, her friend and colleague Travis shows what Tiffany can expect to be able to afford for the same things in Los Angeles. Students are actively engaged in the process, doing conversions and providing insight to Tiffany to help her determine her budget and ability to take her new offer, with double the salary of her old one!

Peterson car museum

Vroom, Vroom! What makes that car so fast? What makes that one so famous? Can a little truck someday find her dreams in Los Angeles and be one of the famous vehicles in Peterson Car Museum or will she be one of the many vehicles that are recycled or forgotten? Join our hosts as they investigate, learning what makes a car famous and determining how and if Tina, our determined truck, can one day reside in this famous museum. 

Is Porsche your speed? Maybe Maserati is more your style? Learn about the similarities and differences in the world’s most exciting machines and appreciate how much automobiles impact and change our lives and cultures. Is there a place in this flashy and shiny world for Tina? 

For pricing and booking, email with the subject line “Request FTL”.

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