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Our programs are easy to book, fit in your schedule, meet the needs of your students, and are based on over ten years of experience delivering virtual programming.

Getting a live Banyan trip into your classroom takes only a few steps:


See catalog to select and schedule your program(s)

What’s Included

Book a Single Program


for one connection, plus $25 for each additional connection

We deliver a 45-60 min trip that fits your schedule

We meet the classroom teacher, learn about your students needs, and adjust the trip to meet them.

Students receive optional pre- and post- learning materials

Want to continue with the learning path? Book the remaining trips at our discounted series rate.

Book a 6-part Learning Path


for one connection, plus $25 for each additional connection

We schedule each trip to meet your schedule. Monthly, weekly, whatever fits.

We get to know your students more and tailor each program to fit their needs.

Students receive optional pre- and post-learning materials for each trip.

Save 20% when you book an entire series.


Receive confirmation


Recharge your classroom


What equipment or technology do we need to participate in a Banyan program?

Most classrooms today have everything you need! Each connecting classroom will need a computer with a display screen to view the trip, plus speakers and a microphone so your students can participate. If you are connecting from home, any computer, tablet or smartphone is all you need!

What happens after we request a program on your website?

Our team will contact you via email to confirm your program request and find the day and time that fits your classroom schedule. We can schedule a brief meeting to discuss individual needs of your classroom and find ways to adapt our programming to your curriculum. When the date is confirmed, we send you a meeting link that you will open the day of the trip.

How can we prepare for the program?

We provide pre- and post-learning materials that help students prepare for the trip. If you have additional questions or concerns we can address them in our personal meeting before the trip.

Can we change the date or program type?

We try to accommodate all the needs of our schools. You are free to change the date or content of the trip up to one week before your originally scheduled program. However, we cannot guarantee there will be an opening for a newly requested date.

What happens if we have to cancel or have technical problems?

You can cancel at no-charge up to 7-days before the scheduled date. If you have to cancel before then, or have technical problems on the day of the trip, we will reschedule at your convenience.

Do we have to buy a series?

No! While our series trips build on each other, you can purchase any single trip you’d like. If you and your students enjoy the experience, you can purchase the remaining series trips at the discounted rate.

Do your trips have standards or objectives?

Yes, each trip has clear objectives and standards. We use a variety of standards such as Common Core and ISTE. See our program catalog for more detailed information.

Can we combine multiple classrooms into one space?

Yes. Trip pricing is based on the room connections. If an entire grade level is in the auditorium, then we charge only $300 for a single program, no additional fees.