Anything Can Be a Puppet

The magical world of puppetry can bring any story to life!

Join Teacher Kris and her gang of puppet friends for an original live performance of your favorite story.

Also available with Teacher Kris is the Expression through Puppetry Club.

Crazy Horse Memorial

Native American history and perspectives from the Crazy Horse Memorial in the Lakota reservation.


Join special guests from Active Advocate in Los Angeles to learn about current activism movements. 

Field Trips LIVE

Our “Shelter-in-Place Superheroes” Field Trip LIVE is a variety show that features dance, music, gymnastics, meditaiton, jokes, science and more!

Outstanding PROGRAM

We are humbled to receive the Pinnacle Award for Outstanding Programs 
in our first year with CILC.

Banyan Global Learning earned the award when Field Trips LIVE received
100% positive reviews for the entire year.

Create excitement when visiting these amazing locations: 

  • Taipei, Taiwan

  • Queenstown, New Zealand

  • Bahia, Brazil

  • Portland, Oregon

  • Los Angeles, California

  • Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina

  • Tampa, Florida

  • Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • St. Louis, Missiouri

Field Trips LIVE

Social & Emotional Superheroes

This FIELD TRIP Live is a variety show that features dance, music, gymnastics, meditation, jokes, science and more! It has a social emotional learning backbone and is intended to help kids and their parents develop their emotional intelligence superpowers.

Anti-Racism Program featuring Weary Arts Group

BGL will provide a safe, supportive space for children to learn and talk about racism. Together, we can stand up to it and make the world more fair, kind and inclusive for everyone.

Pacific Puppetry - LIVE Performance

Puppets are vehicles for personal expression. The great part is, anything can be a puppet! Students will learn the basics of puppetry (entrance, focus, breath, gesture, and exist), learn about some simple DIY puppet-making, and explore the use of puppetry to express our emotional intelligence. Teacher Kris is the Expression through Puppetry Club.

Los Angeles: Olvera St & Little Tokyo

Come join this Field Trip LIVE as we explore Olvera Street and Little Tokyo in Los Angeles. These two areas are brimming with culture and well represent the effort of people who successfully assimilated to a new land and culture while preserving their own unique culture within the new city. 

Florida & California Coasts: Aquatic Habitats

Aquatic Habitats is an engaging, problem-based interactive Field Trip LIVE that allows students to help their new turtle friend choose her next home. Tahoe needs help deciding between the tide pools of sun-filled California, the mangrove-lined waterways of Central Florida, and the rain-fueled lakes of Portland, Oregon. 

Taiwan: The Beautiful Island

Full of folliage, amazing food and people even warmer than the weather, Taipei, Taiwan offers a depth of rich cultural experiences to online travelers in these exciting virtual field trips:

Taiwanese Night Market

Taipei Metro Race

Taiwanese Night Market
Taipei Metro Race
Convenience Store Calculations Elephant Mountain: Survival Skills Breakfast in Taipei Taipei Water Museum
Brazil: Life in a Brazilian Home

How does Brazilian home life compare to home life in America? Think critically to examine the impact of the choices we make as a culture.

Bridges of Portland

Travel to Bridge Town in Portland, Oregon to explore the history, purpose, and unique impact of various bridges on community and commerce along the mighty Willamette River while making global connections to the purposes of bridges around the world.


New Zealand: Culture on Queenstown Main Street

How does Brazilian home life compare to home life in America? Think critically to examine the impact of the choices we make as a culture.

A Melting Pot on Main Street: Cultures in Brazil

Itacaré is a small surf and fishing town in Bahia, Brazil. Teacher Jill takes us on a tour of the main street in town as we see evidence of a cultural history that includes Braziliian, Hawaiian, African, Rastafarian, Portuguese, Israeli and Japanese cultures. How do you define a cultural identity that is so very diverse? How is this idea connected to your own culture?

Kiwi Birdlife Park

Help BGL teachers uncover the mystery of which native bird is raising havoc throughout the neighborhoods of beautiful Queenstown, New Zealand. Explore the Kiwi Birdlife Park, and investigate different birdlife habitats and behaviors in order to find the elusive winged culprit.