Social & Emotional Learning made FUN

Social superheroes

This FIELD TRIP Live is a variety show that features dance, music, gymnastics, meditation, jokes, science and more! It has a social emotional learning backbone and is intended to help kids ages 3 to 10 and their parents develop their shelter-in-place superpowers.

This is a webinar so your video will not be shown when you join the call. There will be an opportunity to raise your hand at the end of the call and then join and show your camera – only if you choose! Otherwise, you are welcome to just watch.

Family Friendly

A Message from bgl founder seth fleischauer

 As a parent of two young children, I understand how challenging it can be to be with your little ones all day every day while also maintaining a full-time work-from-home job. These unprecedented times have also brought some creative solutions to home-based education. I combined my decade of experience in online learning with the love of family to create “Social Superheroes.” I hope it can bring you the same emotional connection it has brought to my family as we continue to seek balance during the pandemic.

Puppet friends

With the help of our puppet friend, Timothy, we can learn how to express our emotions.

Tiny music

Get ready to laugh and have fun with Lukie Man!


Wiggle, dance and move those feelings!

Social & emotional learning

Children have BIG feelings. The social & emotional learning backbone of Social Superheroes is based on the “zones of regulation” model from Leah Kuypers, MA.Ed.

Using our superhero powers, we learn:

  1. Zones of Emotions (Regulation)
  2. Empathy
  3. Making Good Choices
  4. Optimism

In a safe, social space, children sing, dance, observe, create and feel, all while learning more about themselves and how to communicate about their feelings.


Highly interactive virtual field trips!

“The students were 100% engaged through the entire lesson! I loved that the students were able to connect to multiple speakers in different parts of the world! The program was current, relevant, integrated technology, and very engaging.” 

– High School Teacher, Kentucky


Book Shelter-in-Place Superheroes by purchasing one Field Trip Live. We will be in touch soon to line up the specific date and time. For more information, email us!