Guilt-free screen time that combines the academics of school, the fun and social interaction of camp and the entertainment of live TV.

Virtual field trips, social engagement and live video participation with distance learning professionals weekdays from 3 – 5 PM Pacific.

10-Week Fall Session 9/14 to 11/20


Learn, grow & socialize!

Enrichment LIVE was the highlight of our summer – both for us parents and for our daughter. It was such a relief to know that she would be engaged and entertained for three hours every day and – huge bonus – she would be learning too! BGL did a wonderful job of balancing the program and schedule in order to give the kids enough time to cultivate deep learning of new subjects, but also keep their attention by moving seamlessly from one activity to the next.



I loved the singing and dancing and learning about a new country called Taiwan. It’s so cool that they are hours ahead of us so it’s like they are in the future!


Age 6

We are so glad we signed up our daughter for Enrichment LIVE with Banyan Global Learning. BGL does a fantastic job keeping kids of various ages engaged and learning all week long. The programs are structured so campers have the opportunity to learn about science and culture first hand, with teachers out on field trips giving demonstrations and leading activities from all over the globe! The dedicated time for physical movement, music and artistic expression coupled with the guidance and comradery from professional teachers and other online campers really connected with our 9 year old daughter. She attended the Interconnected Forest and Travel to Taiwan. Both wonderful programs, full of interactive experiences. All week we were regaled with interesting facts our daughter had learned, and she was always proud to show off the crafts & activities she had been working. She had a blast! We highly recommend Enrichment LIVE. BGL really has distance learning figured out.


If you are wondering if you should do the live class and you don’t know much about it let me help you. Enrichment LIVE gives you some time to learn about the world around you and I know you might be cooped up in your house because of the virus but Banyan Global Learning can teach you about things in the world that are happening and you might not even know. Now Banyan Global Learning is about trying to teach a younger age of people so they can make good decisions about the world and keeping its wonders safe.

Age 10