Banyan Global Learning’s world culture virtual programs are booked on demand by schools in North America and around the world.


We seek camera-ready, dynamic and charismatic TEACHER TOUR GUIDES who live in world cities with strong cell networks. Candidates must have a vibrant on-screen personality, clear English abilities, basic educational chops and solid tech skills.


Successful candidates will:

  1. Learn about Banyan’s virtual programming formats 
  2. Pitch virtual field trip ideas that fit those formats
  3. Develop plans for approved trips and shoot backup video
  4. Be available to perform the trip at a mutually convenient time

Tour guides will get paid for developing the trip and then each time they run the trip. Tour guides will even get paid when BGL uses their backup video to run the trip in the event that the booking does not work out due to time zone issues.



  • Perform as on-demand tour guide for school-based virtual field trips.
  • Maintain a calendar of availability including minimum levels of availability.
  • Have a new (previous two years) smartphone and LTE or 5G cell data plan. 
  • Learn about BGL’s successful virtual field trip formats (about 25).
  • Pitch ideas for field trips that fit a BGL format and highlight your local culture.
  • Scout locations for approved pitches.
  • For approved trips, write lesson overviews and lesson plans, create lesson slideshow and film HD backup video
  • Rehearse new field trips before running them.
  • Coordinate with BGL to find a mutually agreeable time to run a trip for any given request.


  • Dynamic personality and animated, engaging on-screen presence
  • Strong writing skills for lesson planning skills
  • Avid user of technology 
  • Clear English language proficiency