We are seeking camera-ready, dynamic and charismatic G5-G8 TEACHERS with strong classroom management, solid edtech chops and the ability to multitask with technology while teaching. Our distance learning model is one teacher to one LARGE WHOLE GROUP of students at schools in Taiwan and China. 

TEACH FROM HOME* or from our office in Downtown Los Angeles (once it reopens). Bring Western progressive 21st-century pedagogy to Asia using video conferencing. Teachers must be credentialed and exceptional.

Part-time positions only.

See our blog to get an idea of our company culture and work.



  • Part-time
  • $40/hr for teaching; $20/hr for planning


  • Primary duty is teaching live over video conferencing. Teach large classrooms of 5th to 8th-grade students in Taipei, Taiwan via H.323 / Zoom.
  • Deliver content-based, student-centered English instruction focusing on language, culture and technology
  • Weekly lesson plan writing, assignment grading and/or administrative tasks (it’s a small staff and a startup, so we have constantly evolving needs)
  • Teach while multi-tasking with technology. No noobs!
  • Contribute to new business efforts including lead generation and product design.


  • Proof of US teaching credential (multi-subject or ESL elementary and/or junior high or high school humanities)
  • Interest in educational technology and the prospect of working in an entrepreneurial, startup atmosphere
  • Strong writing skills for lesson planning
  • Avid user of technology in and out of the classroom
  • Solid whole group classroom management skills and animated, engaging teaching style
  • Subscribe to the philosophy of progressive education while acknowledging the necessity of standardized student achievement
  • Availability for flexible working hours (up to 4 nights per week)
  • English speaker with legal right to work in the U.S.
  • Master’s Degree and/or 3+ years experience and/or degree(s) from elite institutions preferred


  • Paid training during summer to start teaching in September.
  • Classes take place Monday through Thursday evenings, 4pm to 9:15pm Pacific.
  • We operate mostly on the Taiwanese school calendar, so some US holidays (especially Mondays) are required workdays.
  • The Taiwanese calendar has a monthlong break for Chinese New Year and two months break over summer vacation (this year it is six weeks from mid-July to September).