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An EASY Way to Bring Digital Citizenship to Your Classroom

Banyan is EXCITED to share a single program from our Digital Citizenship series as a low-cost webinar. This is a LIVE virtual program delivered by our amazing host teachers.

You can choose from one of two programs below.

If you are interested, but can’t make the time, let us know and we can send you a recording.

Early Elementary Series – $35 per classroom

Designed for grades K-4

Using technology for both school and fun can be difficult. We meet Olive from “planet Digitopolis” who loves to play computer games. She also has homework to do! In this program, learners help Olive decide how much screen time is appropriate, set timers and make a schedule to stay on track.

Live October 16th 1pm EST!

Grade 6 Series – $35 per classroom

Designed for Grade 6 – Good for grades 5-8

Join Banyan’s team as we discuss “Online Presence”. In this fun lesson we lead students through important topics like digital footprints, common online traps and preventing your information from getting stolen.

Live October 18th 1pm EST!

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With Banyan your students will find their place in the world

"The digital citizenship parent workshop was a great program that had us face difficult questions. I learned some great lessons for myself and my kids. Thank you Banyan!"

- High school parent, New York

"As a kindergarten teacher I know how hard it can be to keep kids' attention. I was amazed at how well Courtney and Lila kept their engagement. They were laughing, moving and were hooked the entire time! Thank you!"

- Kindergarten teacher, Ohio

What’s Included

Book a Single Program

$300 $250

for one connection, plus $25 for each additional connection

We deliver a 45-60 min trip that fits your schedule

We meet the classroom teacher, learn about your students needs, and adjust the trip to meet them.

Students receive optional pre- and post- learning materials.

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Book a 5-part Learning Path


for one connection, plus $25 for each additional connection

We schedule each trip to meet your schedule. Monthly, weekly, whatever fits.

We get to know your students more and tailor each program to fit their needs.

Students receive optional pre- and post-learning materials for each trip.

Make a lasting impression on your students during Digital Citizenship week.

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