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Banyan is happy to share digital books to help you in your online teaching. Our interactive textbooks are leveled for both readability and academics. Great for learners at home and ELLs, the freedom of choice and engaging multimedia elements give all students the confidence to dive deeply into a text.

These digital books are easy to share on any online learning platform, or to download and read at home. If you use these resources, please share your results with us!

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Much Ado About Nothing

Let them read Shakespeare! This simple version of the Shakespeare comedy Much Ado About Nothing captures the playful essence of a story about rumors and reputations. A complete unit of lesson plans to accompany this story is available upon request.

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Life Science: The Human Body

Explore the wonders of the human body in this non-fiction textbook. Topics covered include: cells, organ systems, digestive system, nervous system, skeletal system and the five sensory systems. A complete accompany unit of lesson plans, including worksheets and labs, is available upon request.

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