An Unforgettable Memory in Disneyland

My dream is to go to Disneyland! This summer vacation, I went to East America with my schoolmates and teachers. I was so excited that I finally had a chance to go to the biggest Disney in the world. There were four completely different Theme Parks there. We spent two days playing in Magic Kingdom and Epcot.

On the first day, we went to “Magic Kingdom”. The most interesting attraction in the Tomorrow land was “Space Mountain’’. Although the vast waiting line scared us, we still longed for playing. I could hear screams around me when I blasted on the coaster ride in the dark. The most impressive attraction in the Tomorrow land was “Stitch’s Great Escape”. We interacted with a mischievous Stitch in the dark theater. When he hiccoughed, the space was filled with stinky pepper smells. It was so disgusting that my friends shouted then. Finally, I saw dazzling fiber optics and Mickey light up the sky in the Electrical Parade. The gorgeous electrical cars and animals broadened my view. After that, the castle was surrounded by brilliant fireworks. They looked like flowers blossom on the brocade with stars. What a beautiful view that I’ve ever seen! I won’t forget the moment forever!

On the second day, we went to “Epcot”. It had fewer facilities but with high technology. Take Space Mission for example, we could experience NASA-style training with a simulated space launch. And “The Sum of All Thrills” made us design and customize our own thrilling ride just like an engineer. It was a brand-new and awesome experience for me. When we walked along the lake, it rained heavily all of a sudden. We ran into the nearest building as fast as we could in case we were drenched. That was a Japanese restaurant. The udon noodles there were so delicious that we finished up the food rapidly.

During this trip, I learned not only knowledge but also good sense. I really want to thank my parents for letting me join this trip, and I was grateful to all the teachers in the camp, who left their family to take care of us for about three weeks. Without you, it will be impossible to carry out my beautiful dream!