In cooperation with the Tsai Hsing School (Taipei, Taiwan) BGL offers international travel camps that combine cultural tourism, academics and fun. Our four-week program is tailored for upper elementary and secondary school students from Asia to experience American life in a unique setting.

Two weeks of the program are focused on learning in the English language at American universities. In the morning, students participate in classroom activities and in the afternoon and evening they participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities that promote fun, fitness, and personal development. The excitement continues during the travel portion of the program. Students visit various cultural attractions and landmarks, and learn about everyday life in America. During all activities, on and off campus, students are coached and supervised by BGL staff.

For many years, BGL has helped to create exciting life experiences and lifelong memories for hundreds of International students – many of whom traveled to America for the first time. Come travel with us!


BGL partners with American universities to create a curriculum designed specifically for EFL (English as a Foreign Language) students. We believe that the best way to learn English is to “learn by doing.” Thus, our academic programs feature project-based learning with hands-on activities and student-driven multi-media presentations, giving our students the opportunity to use English as they would in the real world. In addition, our programs are led by university professors who serve as both models and mentors. Under their supervision, our students get to experience what it’s like to study at an American university and live on a college campus.



Extracurricular activities are an integral part of the academic portion of our program.

On campus, students participate in various athletics such as basketball, volleyball, swimming, and soccer. Our drama program is run by Theater Arts professionals who coach campers on how to communicate meaning through emotive expression. We also organize cooperative games that promote socialization and teamwork .

Off campus, students will have the opportunity to take part in other recreational activities, such as supervised trips to local shops, movie theaters and other everyday locations – giving them a chance to practice their English in a real-life setting.




Campers visit the East Coast of America to see how the country was born and visit some of the world’s most influential cities.

Staff accompany students on a customized tour of major regional attractions, including historical landmarks, museums and various entertainment events The trips are educational and fun, giving our campers a chance to laugh as much as learn.

The above information is a representative sample of activities based on past camps. Year-by-year offerings will vary.



Campers visit California to experience the beauty of its diverse, natural landscape and visit important cultural sites that define the most populous state in the nation.

Staff accompany students on a customized tour of major regional attractions, including historical landmarks, museums and various entertainment events. The trips are educational and fun, giving our campers a chance to laugh as much as learn.

The above information is a representative sample of activities based on past camps. Year-by-year offerings will vary.



Our university partners provide accommodations for the academic portion of the program. Our campers lodge in college dormitories and experience campus life firsthand. The East coast program is hosted by Adelphi University (Long Island, NY). The West coast program is hosted by California State University at Monterey Bay.

For the travel portion of the program, lodging is provided at area hotels close to our various destinations.

On or off campus, campers are under the constant supervision of our staff – ensuring that they enjoy comfort and safety.



A Wonderful Study Tour

I went to America for a three-week trip in this summer vacation. At first the place was quite strange to me, so I took a while to adapt myself to it. Fortunately, I adapted myself to everything before long and even fell in love with the tour. We visited the Yosemite National Park for two days. Among the most famous and representative views in Yosemite Valley were the Half Dome and the Merced River.

A Beautiful Memory I Cant Forget

It was really a precious time for me to go to western USA in this summer vacation. It was the first time I went to the USA, so I was excited that I could learn many things in this trip. On the first day, we spent almost 3 hours from SFO to Yosemite National Park. After I got off the bus, I took a deep breath. The air in Yosemite National Park is fresher than in any place I’ve ever been.

A Memorable Travel to Western America

This summer vacation, I joined my school’s summer camp and traveled to America. Before we started our trip, we almost assembled twice a week because there are so many things we need to know and prepare ahead of time. Now I realize that good tools are prerequisite to the successful execution of a job. I want to thank all the teachers for preparing everything before we go to America. This is my first trip to America.

My First Trip to America

Around one month ago, we said goodbye to our parents and went to Taoyuan International Airport for a foreign trip. After having two meals and a fourteen-hour flight, we finally arrived in the U.S. Our trip began from July third. We lived in hotels in the first week because that was more convenient for us to go sightseeing everywhere. We went to the Yankee Stadium. We didn’t catch any foul ball or homerun because we sat on the fourth floor.

A Precious Memory

My mom always wants me to have a chance to go abroad. Fortunately, I got a chance this year. There is an activity held by THSH about traveling to America every summer vacation. My mom heard about it and she thought this is a good chance for me to improve my English. On July 3rd, our group left for America. After a tiring flight, we arrived in America. Everyone felt exhausted and went to bed as soon as they could.

The Trip to America

I went to America this summer vacation while others were still stayed in Taiwan and had been living the same life since they were born. Luckily, I had the opportunity to experience a whole new way of interacting with people and learning things which I’ve never heard before. The four-week trip seems to be quite long, but it didn’t make me bored. Actually, it was too short. The cool scenic spots in America were just so unforgettable that I couldn’t help but be excited about them.

An Experiment in Adelphi University

During this trip to America, we went to Adelphi University, and stayed there for two weeks. What we did was so much fun! Besides the field trips and the recreation time in every afternoon, we also did an interesting experiment. In order to solve the problem of algae bloom, we designed this experiment. Bivalves are an important group of animals that obtain food from water around them by filter feeding. When they filter feed, they remove plankton from the water and effectively improve water clarity.

An Unforgettable Memory in Disneyland

My dream is to go to Disneyland! This summer vacation, I went to East America with my schoolmates and teachers. I was so excited that I finally had a chance to go to the biggest Disney in the world. There were four completely different Theme Parks there. We spent two days playing in Magic Kingdom and Epcot. On the first day, we went to “Magic Kingdom”. The most interesting attraction in the Tomorrow land was “Space Mountain’’.