Welcome to Digitopolis! A Digital Citizenship Adventure for Young Learners

by Jacquelin Fink


Even the youngest learners need to know how to use technology safely & responsibly. What better way to make this critical subject accessible and FUN than with puppets?

Empower young learners to make good choices with technology!

Our puppet characters need help making good choices so that they can stay safe and build community in a digital world. They entertain while introducing real-world scenarios to which young learners can apply their digital citizenship skills. 

Daily Digital Detox: Technology Balance Challenge

Try the Banyan

Daily Digital Detox

Have you ever had a tech overload like Olive?

You sit down to check your email for a couple minutes. Next thing you know, it’s been hours. Your stomach’s growling and your eyes have trouble focusing.

We all fall into technology holes sometimes.

Balance is the name of the game.

For the next week, try this simple daily digital detox to help you on your path to technology balance:

Step 1: Put your devices on silent.

Step 2: Take five deep breaths with your eyes closed. 

Step 3: Roll your neck around three times to the right, then left. 

Step 4: Name one thing you are grateful for at that moment, and say, “Thank you.” 

Step 5: Stand up and give your full body a shake. Bounce a little and move each limb. 

Step 6: Do a quick self check-in. How are you feeling?

If that feels easy, try it more than once a day!

For kidsstepping away from technology can be even more challenging. Just like it is for our puppet friends from planet Digitopolis. Olive is here to help kids of all ages learn how to step away from the device.

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Learning Live 2021 Graduation

The Learning Live, graduating class of 2021, celebrated in style in an interactive Zoom graduation ceremony. Students and teachers gave speeches, exchanged awards, recapped an unforgettable year, and officially had the opportunity to move their BGL tassels to the left!

Zoom capacity kept the celebration to a tight-knit group of students and honorable guests, but never fear, we trimmed down the hour-long celebration to a few short minutes highlighting all of the best moments. Congratulations, Students!

Write Your Own Dig Cit Script!

Many parents and educators want a script for how to talk to their young learners about digital citizenship. And I’ve found that the best script is one that you write yourself.

Here’s HOW.

Start by
answering these questions:

How do you feel about safeguarding privacy online?

How do you put guardrails around your own technology use

How do you build online community?

How does technology serve you?

If there are questions here you can’t answer, do some work until you can.

Once you do, package your answers into a conversation that meets your young learners at their level.

There are no right answers here.

Just your answers.

There are no right answers here. The best thing you can do for your learners is to #BringConsciousness to your own relationship to technology, model that process for them, and then keep an open dialogue.

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5 Lockdown Life Hacks with BGL

by Kellen Sprew & Jacquelin Fink

Make the most of learning at home with these simple life hacks. Our after-school virtual programs create unique learning environments that offer fun alternatives to the typical online class. Learners focus on things they really enjoy in BGL’s after-school clubs:

Puppet Laboratory
Theater & Expression
Role Playing & Games








What life hacks have you discovered during the lockdown? Share with us in the comments!