SEL Newsletter: Halloween Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

Written by veteran online educator, Jackie Fink

Halloween is nothing to be afraid of.

The holiday season kicks off with Halloween. This time of year is one of great joy – time with family and friends, celebrations of traditions, and good food.

As mindful educators, we think about the perspectives of all of our learners, so we know that holidays are not as joyous for some. Halloween in particular can be an emotional trigger, and can make it downright unpleasant.

Halloween SEL Showcase

With this in mind, in October of 2020 I asked some colleagues to be silly on camera to bring some fun and laughter to the holiday for learners all over the world. What a showcase of our collective talents! 

The outcome was everything we could have wanted and more.

New Take on Classic Traditions

The Halloween showcase was family-friendly, with a non-spooky take on classic Halloween traditions. It allowed everyone to express their individuality and learn something fun from each of our talented teachers.

A few other ways to keep Halloween fun and safe for everyone:

2. Look to the moon.

The harvest moon is celebrated around the world, like in Taiwan with the Mid-Autumn Festival. Research the moon, create fantasy stories it, or even grill delicious moon inspired foods. Building traditions around the moon can help us process the changes that happen around the moon (no werewolves included).

1. Costume contest!


Costumes don’t have to be scary. Encourage funny, creative and inspiring costumes, by creating awards for things like: best irony, most realistic, or even most original!

3. Limit sugar intake.


You are what you eat! Adults included, a sugar splurge may be tempting. Have you considered how it will effect your mood? Decide early how much candy you should have. 

Halloween: Laughter is the Best Medicine

Let your laughter loose
with Banyan’s holiday-themed 
wellness extravaganza!

SEL Meets Halloween

This month’s free event packs a whole lot of fun into this 45 minute program. We’ll explore ways to manage emotions through science, art, music and costumes.

Did you know:

– relaxes muscles in the body

– boosts the immune system

– burns calories

– releases endorphins,
creating a sense of well-besting

All are welcome to join the Banyan family
in laughter and celebration!

Our Vision

Our vision is for education to be rooted in personal passions that create positive change.

Engaging Learners through a Growth Mindset

Need more student engagement?
Turn those yawns to yay’s!

One of the biggest challenges as a teacher is keeping students engaged. Putting choice in the hands of learners sparks an innate wonder for learning.

Mind Over Matter

Having a growth mindset matters?

“Growth mindset” is more than the latest fad in education. It could be one of the most important factors in creating real change in education.

Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset

We learn best when we are authentically interested and engaged with what we study. But, that’s not often the case.

Actively model a growth mindset.
Showing how you process challenges creates resilient learners – learners who make good choices about what they learn, how they learn, when they learn, where they learn. 

Live Virtual Field Trip Highlights – Itacaré, Brazil

Did you miss the live virtual field trip to Brazil?

Check out some highlights of our adventures in Itacaré, Brazil!

Our world continues to become more connected every day. By experiencing other cultures, we help develop globally-minded leaders for a sustainable future. Live virtual field trips connect learners to people and places all over the world, developing a sense of global connectedness.

Build a community of learners who respect the great diversity in our world. Built on the UN Sustainability Goals, Banyan’s live virtual field trips connect to nature, industry and food in a unique, up-close cultural experience.

Nature. Industry. Food.

Summary: Itacaré is a small surf and fishing town in Bahia, Brazil. Teacher Jill takes us on a tour of the main street in the town as we see evidence of a cultural history that includes Brazilian, Hawaiian, African, Rasta, Portuguese, Israeli and Japanese cultures. 

How do you define a cultural identity that is so very diverse? How is this idea connected to your own culture?

Let’s explore together!

Meet new people and experience fresh ideas in undiscovered places.

K20 Innovates Collaboration: An NPR of Education

by Seth Fleischauer

At Banyan Global Learning, we work to create positive change through our live virtual field trips. There is no better way to do this than through meaningful collaboration.


It was with these two ideas in mind that BGL’s founder, Seth Fleischauer, first began collaborating with K20 Innovate’s visionary founder, Vriti Saraf.


Vriti runs the largest educational Clubhouse in the world with over 50k members. That’s why when Twitter launched it’s own audio-only space – Twitter Spaces – they reached out to Vriti to run their first-ever conference.

Headliners to that conference included such educational heavyweights as Sal Khan of Khan Academy and Elizabeth Corcoran, founder of Edsurge.

Squeaking in there was our very own Seth Fleischauer, who collaborated with Komal Shah and Lauren Pinto on the topic of Bringing Consciousness to Education.

Now, Seth joins Vriti again as she launches K20 Innovates. Billed as an “NPR for education,” it’s an ecosystem of live shows by trusted educators on various topics in education, hosted by Twitter Spaces.


Seth, Komal and Lauren’s show will commence every fourth Thursday of the month at 5pm Pacific (add it to your Calendar here). They will discuss the practice of bringing consciousness to our own learning practices as a way to inform our educational lives and the lives of young learners.

The best part about this audio-only presentation format is the ability of audience members to contribute to the conversation. It’s a truly interactive experience built for the modern age even as the topic – consciousness – is as old as life itself.


Also be sure to check out all the other great programs throughout the month including re-learning wonder, teaching through the Metaverse, STEM innovation and blockchain in education.