Banyan without Borders is an engaging, project-based learning program that prepares students to succeed in both problem solving and intercultural communication. This collaboration strengthens the connection between cultural awareness and academic rigor, ensuring that our students are introduced to a global worldview at a young age, enabling them to mature into responsible and respectful global citizens.

As part of the program, students participate in semester-long, project-based learning experiences in which they dive into content based on current Sustainable Development Goals. Students communicate with peers all around the world, and share their final project in several domains: a diorama, a virtual display, a written summary, an infographic, and presentation. Throughout the experience, students will collaborate with their peers and communicate through brief weekly check-ins and larger monthly check-ins.


  • Communicate with peers from various cultures

  • Project Based Learning

  • Guided Research

  • Exposure to SDG Goal 15

  • Create Videos: Learn visual storytelling to display content in an easy to understand way

  • Create Infographic: Learn design tools and theory to display knowledge acquired

  • Create a Biome Diorama using feedback from international peers

  • Display Biomes virtually for peers

  • Participate in a final presentation of a selection of students from all collaborating schools.

  • Virtual Field Trip: Biomes across the USA

Banyan Global Learning

For over 15 years, Banyan’s original content has created authentic connections across the globe. Our work is heart-forward, highly interactive, and teaches crucial life skills. We teach understanding and skills to find your place in the world by connecting students to new people, undiscovered places, and fresh ideas.