Empowering Educators with AI

Beyond Tools: Leveraging AI as a Transformative Assistant in Education

Why AI? Why now?


Demand for AI training is undeniable.

Foster a profound shift in educational approaches that significantly boost teacher satisfaction and student engagement.

Make your teachers more efficient, creative, and connected to their students—key factors in increasing retention and reducing burnout.

Move beyond AI as just a tool. It requires a mindset shift. It is unlike any other technology humans have used.


AI is not a panacea.

Curiosity + Skepticism = Growth

A Five-Part Professional Development Series

    • Available to fit your school’s or district’s schedule.
    • Delivered live over video conference (e.g., Zoom) with discussions and practice sessions.

Section 1

Shifting Mindset

Explore how AI can transcend traditional roles as a mere tool, becoming a pivotal enhancement to the educational environment.

Section 2

AI for Teacher Wellness

Practical AI use cases that simplify daily tasks, freeing educators to focus on what truly matters—their students.

Section 3

Creativity Unleashed

Utilize AI as a teaching assistant to bring creativity and revitalization to lesson planning and execution.

Section 4

Personalized Learning

Employ AI to craft personalized learning experiences that cater to the individual needs of students, enhancing differentiation and rapid feedback.

Section 5

AI for Student Wellness

Integrate AI to support social-emotional learning, group work, and problem-based learning strategies that contribute to a healthier, more inclusive classroom atmosphere.

“I enjoyed the conversations and practical use of AI. I also enjoyed the resources that were provided, especially the prompt library. My favorite part was using AI to relate content to students, we used a Taylor Swift example that was very successful.”


Grade 8 Teacher

I really liked the example prompts you used in Chat GPT. I felt it was very realistic for educators, and helped show realistic ways educators can use AI. I also loved the video showing the different perspectives of parents/educators on AI use, I would have loved to be part of that conversation had I attended live! Also, I really liked the use of Padlet, specifically for the participants to answer questions and then use that data as part of a future prompt. It was a great way to model what can be done in a classroom.


Grade 7 Teacher

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