Our diverse network of innovative educators are all around the globe. They provide world-class live virtual programs to learners at home, in schools and all over.

Like the roots of the banyan tree, the roots of Banyan Global Learning run deep. We pride ourselves on creating a supportive online community of like-minded educators. We offer the very best to and from our community of expert online educators!

Banyan recognizes the value of skill and the essential core of creativity. To that end, we have a team that includes puppeteers, theater professionals, photographers, musicians, yoga instructors, visual artists and wellness coaches. We also partner with professionals in all career fields to offer learners a live virtual experiences like no other.

WELCOME to the Banyan Family

At Banyan Global Learning, we are more than just a team of innovative online educators – we are a family. We are able to recruit and retain the best online educators because we offer a network of support.

Because Banyan Global Learning is comprised of an international team, we have taken great efforts to keep all of our family supported. Regular professional development and peer mentoring fosters an innovative spirit that is vital to the growth of online learning. Banyan is so serious about innovation that we have our very out Innovation Think Tank, with a combined 75+ years in online education between the members. This spirit of innovation drives the development of Banyan’s content.

While ongoing professional development keeps our online educators at the top of their game, everyone needs time to play too. So we host frequent social meet-ups and compete in monthly challenges with our colleagues. Even though we’re thousands of miles apart, the Banyan family is covered by the far reaching branches of this network.

From southern California, to the Pacific Northwest…

From the night markets of Taipei, to the main street of Brazil…

From the rolling fields of New Zealand, to the tide pools of Los Angeles…

Welcome to the Banyan Family!