On January 18th, 2021, Banyan Global Learning’s Student Activism Club celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Our special guest, Mansa Moosa-El (Mozez) joined us virtually to share precious first-hand knowledge of Dr. King and the Civil Rights Era.

Mozez is a Los Angeles based activist, organizer and community protector. Fighting for justice is his life’s mission. He broke down the struggles that Dr. King and many other Black leaders from that time endured on the path to equal rights. Mozez enlightened us on the true history of Dr. King, explaining how over time his legacy has been watered down to be more palatable to the masses. 

From this meeting, students learned exactly what it meant for activists to go against the status-quo in the past, and find similarities in the present. MLK Day has only been a holiday since 1986. Mozez made it a point to let the students know just how many obstacles activists have had to overcome to get their deserved recognition. The students are learning how to stand strong and remain resilient when justice is at stake. 

Dr. King’s legacy is just the tip of the iceberg of Black activism. His actions and words provided the students with the perfect gateway into a world of community organizing. Mozez will be joining us again during Black History Month!