Learning Live

BGL’s Learning Live uses video conferencing to connect students to the best educational experiences no matter where they are. When we use technology to facilitate global collaboration between students and teachers, the classroom becomes the whole world.

Learning Live includes the following:

Classroom Live

Classroom Live is based in our pedagogical experience as teachers first, edtech pioneers second. We tailor our curriculum to your students and their needs to provide meaningful solutions responsive to our globally connected society. Your students receive 21st century skills that prepare them to live, work and succeed in the information age. Innovators at our core, we stay on the cutting edge of technology with fresh ideas and experimentation. We challenge existing norms and traditional education delivery to provide experiences and instruction that best educate students in our evolving world.

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Field Trips Live

BGL’s virtual field trips are changing the way education is delivered to meet the demands of our connected world, creating globally- minded, innovative students empowered with 21st century skills. Teachers who are passionate student advocates can use Field Trips Live to bring students anywhere and talk to anyone. The service is especially suited for career exploration whereby students can visit worksites and interview experts they would otherwise not have access to.

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Student Collaborations

Extend learning outside the classroom for students and teachers by connecting them to other students and educators around the world via cutting-edge technology and curriculum. Connect your students with other future leaders at Tsai Hsing School in your common quest to become innovative global citizens.

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Lingoloop Jr.

Even the most invested teacher finds it difficult to provide ample speaking opportunities to their language learners. Add a collaborative virtual teacher live to your classroom to lead small group conversations and support your curriculum. This browser does not support PDFs. Please download the PDF to view it: Download PDF.

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